GO Ape Treetop Adventure Course

GO Ape Treetop Adventure Course
Creve Coeur Park
13219 Streetcar Drive
Maryland Heights, Missouri 63043
(800) 971-8271

The course blends beautifully within the landscape of the Creve Coeur park, one of the most visited parks in St. Louis County.  The course is made up of numerous rope ladders, 39 exciting crossings to include the Double Stirrups, Talloires Crossing, Flying Carpet and Spider’s Web, 2 Tarzan swings and 5 zip lines.  Overall, there are 5 individual sections within the course, each section taking you higher into the forest canopy and finishing with a zip line longer and with more expansive views!  Zip Line #3 and #5 are both 400 feet long and Zip Line #4 is the first skateboard zip in the region.  The entire course consists of over 2,624 feet worth of zip lines and obstacles, providing a treetop adventure that is one of a kind!


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